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feeddash.js v4.6.0 is out, adding preload functionality, feature support for Common Media Server Data (CMSD), possibility to define a function that is called before segments are appended to the SourceBuffer https://bit.ly/41ttryy #mpegdash #dashif #dashjs (ct)DASH Industry Forum @DASH_IF · Feb 22
feedWe just released dash.js v4.6.0 including support for preloading, CMSD, segment modification via callback function and many more. The release notes can be found here: https://github.com/Dash-Industry-Forum/dash.js/releases/tag/v4.6.0… #dash #dashjs @DASH_IFDaniel Silhavy @dsilhavy · Feb 20
feedAll you need in one place! The dash.js media player has got a new home. Check out the new website here: https://dashjs.org #dashjs (bt)DASH Industry Forum @DASH_IF · Feb 7

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issueCBCS + InbandEventStream crash, CENC + InbandEventStream is ok, NoDrm + InbandEventStream is ok.#4139 opened 3 days ago by Murmur
issueSupport seamless period switch from non DRM periods to DRM periods#4137 opened 2 weeks ago by minhui-foxtel
issueEssentialProperties on AdaptationSets not working#4125 opened on Feb 10 by stschr

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